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What is Graphic Design? A beginner’s introduction

What is Graphic Design ?

What is Graphic Design?

  • Graphic Design is a way for businesses to communicate with their target market using ideas and concepts in a visual form.
  • Graphic Design uses a set of design principles, processes and elements which are easy to learn and work universally.
  • Graphic design is a way of expressing YOUR ideas, concepts and products in a way that is attractive to your target market.

What Graphic Design is not…

  • Graphic Design is not just about being able to ‘use the software’.
  • Graphic Design is not about being a fantastic artist.
  • Graphic Design is not just about creating logos – it’s about creating a brand that WORKS for you.

Graphic Design solves problems

Customers don't buy products

Your problem…

  • As a small business owner your problem is how to attract new customers and/or clients to your business and retain existing customers and/or clients.

Your customer’s problem…

  • Customers buy solutions not products.
  • Always think of the problem your customer is trying to solve and then decide how you can help them!
  • Graphic Design unites the problem with the solution in the most easily accessible way – visually!
  • As sight is the primary sense us human beings are equipped with, it has been proved that what attracts us first to anything (yes – ANYTHING!) is over 90% visual.

 So can I be my own Graphic Designer?

If you have had an idea for a business, and you have thought about your concept and your target audience…

If you have access to a computer (I use a regular PC laptop!) and can use a mouse…

If you can take that leap of faith in your own abilities…

Then YES!

We can teach you all you need to know 🙂

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