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Why you should Stop Competing – A Marketing Insight!

If you have been reading my blog series so far, you will be aware that my mission is to let you in on some really obvious, but closely guarded secrets of the marketing world.

So far in this series of Marketing Insight blogs I have demonstrated to you how having the best product will not necessarily make you the market leader in your niche. Marketing is a mind game and so being first in the minds of your target market is the way to win.

But what if this top spot is already occupied by your main rival?

Competing 1st, 2nd & 3rdYou are probably aware of the order your company comes in the rankings in your niche market.

This is about YOUR market; the actual companies you compete with on a daily basis.

For instance a high street florist’s competition is not Interflora, it’s the florist round the corner in the next street, or the local supermarket who happens to sell bunches of flowers next to the newspapers.

The key to winning this battle is to stop competing.


Too many businesses try to win customers by copying the leader in their niche – this is an error.

To win customers you must present yourself as an alternative.

For instance, using the florist analogy I used earlier, if you are competing with the supermarkets bunches of flowers on price you can’t win. If you are competing with the florist around the corner who has become no.1 in the local mind set for producing beautiful traditional floral wedding displays, stop competing by making your own traditional wedding displays, you won’t win.

The best you will do is drive yourself daft, and at worst you will go bust.

So stop competing on THEIR terms and start competing on YOUR OWN.

In the same way as a Judo expert uses his opponent’s strength against him, by positioning yourself to become no.1 in your target market’s mind for something your rivals DON’T DO, you are now competing with black belt marketing!

Discover your U.S.P.

So what is your USP?So what is your UNIQUE SELLING POINT?

What do you do better than your rivals?

For instance, the florist round the corner may specialise in traditional wedding displays, but how about specialising in flowers for corporate events and functions?

The supermarket flowers may be cheap, but can they compete with your personal packaging and delivery service within a 3 mile radius?

They can’t – because they are competing on their terms and, as leaders in the niche you are competing in, they don’t need to change what they are doing.

  • Fast Food outlets? How about Slow Cooked to perfection…
  • Coffee giants? How about specialising in the ‘Afternoon tea & home-made cakes’ market?
  • Loud music pubs? Why not specialise in classical background music or songs from the shows to attract a quieter more discerning customer?
  • Graphic Design Agencies? Well, we specialise in helping business owners take control of their OWN graphic design and branding!

So, even though it is difficult and flies in the face of everything you might have learned about marketing your brand, STOP doing what your competitors ARE doing, and START doing what they ARE NOT …

And then become No.1 in that!

  • How have YOU taken control of your small business?
  • Have you used the techniques I have outlined above, or can you offer some ideas of your own to others?

I’d love to hear from you, so please say Hi on Facebook and share some of your ideas!


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