Canva vs the creative spirit on InkscapeCanva versus the Creative Spirit on Inkscape

Now I’m not one to knock innovation, and certainly not something as easy to use as Canva – in fact I know it has helped thousands of people to create passable images for their social media with very little fuss or bother. A great little product – but would I use it myself?…

I’m a Creative

You see the thing is, and I know some of you will relate to this, I have tried out many cut and paste sites like Canva, but found they leave me, well, wanting more.

I want MORE!!!

I like to be able to play with hundreds of colours and use shading, I like to have access to an unlimited supply of typefaces, use and edit photos creatively and most importantly, I love being able to create my own designs and characters!

I get so frustrated when I have limitations imposed on me!

If I can’t do something I want to do, I start asking questions:

  • Why am I restricted to only a few typefaces?
  • Why do I have to stick to the sizes you have?
  • Why can I only scale my image proportionately?
  • Why can’t I have a clear background?
  • Why do I have to make sure every image I have purchased is bigger and larger than the image I’m trying to create as it’s not scalable?
  • Why do I have to pay for some of the more interesting options?
  • Why if you pay for a graphic do you then only have 24 hours to edit – I want to be able to edit my graphics over and over again!
  • And what about the ‘one time use’ agreement…. click here if you haven’t seen it. It’s a bit of an eye opener!

…So then I start looking for answers!

Do you doodle?

I’m a doodler!

I doodle all the time, and it drives my husband nuts – I doodle on the phone, while I’m cooking, while watching telly and when he’s trying to talk to me about something interesting (!) but in my defence, I NEED to doodle in order to get my thoughts straight!

Truly – I think better with a pen, or a mouse in my hand – I always have… and this is where the creative magic happens; when I’m not really focussed or when I have a specific problem to solve – doodling helps a hundred fold.

When I am designing for my clients, I always spend a little time just doodling away on Inkscape, finding what works, checking out typefaces and moving them around until I am really happy. I can upload photos and crop them as I wish, even put them into text, and because there are no backgrounds to my drawings, lettering or logo etc., when I layer things on top of each other I don’t get any annoying ‘white boxes’ – I can just put a photo or other background of my choice in.

Graphic design is not about being an artist and if you can doodle a rough version of it on paper – you can draw it on Inkscape – BUT BETTER – because the software will help, not hinder you.

So, if you are a creative at heart, and you want more from your design program, do check out Inkscape. It’s FREE, it’s awesome and it’s 100% flexible for use on line and in print.

You really have nothing to lose!

I often get asked about training, and indeed a big part of my business is training people face to face, in small groups or one to one, on how to use Inkscape to build their brand, but not everyone can get to one of my courses.

Online training

So I decided to package everything you need to get started into one downloadable training course, Inkscape for Beginners. If you visit the page, scroll down and click to see what it covers in each tutorial. There is also a FAQ section to answer all your questions, and a 30 day money back guarantee.

It has over 40 tutorials, videos and infographics and will have you whizzing about Inkscape like a pro in a few days! Once you have the basics nailed, I have also written a course aimed specifically at small businesses, Inkscape for Business.

Both cost just £29.95 from the website and they are SUPER EASY to follow!

But if you are not the creative type, that’s fine too

Enjoy Canva with my blessing and let us enjoy getting creative in Inkscape!

Happy blogging!

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