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Business Owners – Have you discovered Inkscape yet?

(The best kept secret in designing for your own business)

Have you ever come across something SO brilliant that you think that it will become an instant smash hit, and you keep waiting for it to become a really big thing and it never does…?

Well I came across this brilliant piece of software about a year ago and thought it was so good that I trained myself to use it and now train others to use it as well.

As you know, I’m a graphic designer and spend most of my time designing on my computer, although where I used to use Adobe Illustrator, I now use Inkscape…and why?

Because it’s just as good (better in some cases) and it’s totally free!

Inkscape vs. Illustrator
Item Inkscape Illustrator
Cost? Free Expensive
Subscription needed? Free – no subscription Monthly subscription
Suitable for professionals? Yes Yes
Suitable for everyone? Yes If you can afford it
PC (Windows) compatible? Yes Yes
Mac compatible? Yes Yes
Tablet compatible? No No
Vector graphics? Yes Yes
Export as SVG? Yes Yes
Export as Jpeg? Yes Yes
Export as PNG? Yes Yes
Export as PDF? Yes Yes
Suitable for print & printers? Yes Yes
Suitable for on-line? Yes Yes
Typeface compatibility? Yes Yes
Can you use photos? Yes Yes
Can you crop photos? Yes Yes
Can you set gradients? Yes (easier) Yes
Can you draw free hand? Yes Yes
Can you use Bezier curves? Yes (easier) Yes
Can you draw spirals? Yes Yes
Can you automatically save drawings at any size you like? Yes No
Can you use layers if you want? Yes Yes
And there is so much more…. Basically, it’s really good!

So why hasn’t it caught on…

There are a number of reasons for this as far as I can see, and I’d like to share my thoughts with you.


1.  No-one has heard of it

Actually, this isn’t true…Inkscape is actually quite well established in the USA where it is used mainly by professional designers who are tired of being locked in to Adobe’s subscription based price plans.

This is what Inkscape say about their software on their homepage at :

“Inkscape is an open-source vector graphics editor similar to Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Freehand, or Xara X. What sets Inkscape apart is its use of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), an open XML-based W3C standard, as the native format.”


2.  Professionals are all locked in to Illustrator

Once you have Illustrator, you are in effect ‘locked in’ – and as 99% of professionals use Illustrator, all their work is automatically saved as an Ai SVG format file, which is an SVG file (Scalable Vector Graphic) but it’s an Adobe version specifically for Adobe software.

This means that if they were to change to Inkscape, they would have to go through all their files and save each individual file into the open SVG format.

Also, the professionals have spent years working on Illustrator and so they know how it works and although Inkscape is identical in output, it is not the same to use.

And, of course, they pass the cost of the software on to customers as part of their fee because this is how business works.

Fair enough… we can see why they don’t want to change.


3.  No-one is training on it

This isn’t true either – because I am!

Of course, if you look on-line there are a few videos and Inkscape itself does have a training section, but the training is dry and, if I say so myself, a bit difficult to follow, especially for a beginner.

So I set up Be Your Own Graphic Designer with my business partner Kim, specifically to train the owners and staff of start-up and small businesses in how to take ownership of their own graphic design and social media marketing.


It’s STEP BY STEP and you can follow it at your own pace as I teach you on your own laptop PC – no fancy equipment needed at all.

Imagine the money you could save and the impact you could be making on social media with YOUR OWN GRAPHICS whenever you wanted them!!!

So, I’d like to ask you to take a look at the graphics on our website. Browse the free A-Z of graphic design, read some of our blogs in the Advice and Tips tab and take a look at the on-line Training Kim and I offer on Inkscape.

Each course costs just £29.95 and contains over 40 written and video tutorials, as well as useful infographics and templates. That’s a whole course for less than one month’s subscription to the Adobe Creative cloud which has Illustrator on it.

… and everything you create is 100% yours – with no copyright or royalties to pay!

Not only do you get this straightforward and easy to follow training, you also get us – well seasoned and qualified professionals, who are successful business owners in our own rights, and available on Facebook to answer your questions if you get stuck! You can even send us screen shots and share your work with us before it goes live on your customers – for no extra charge!

Inkscape really is the best kept secret in the design world, but we want to tell everyone about it!

Open up a whole world of design possibilities!

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PS. If you think Inkscape is worth telling the world about too – please share the love by sharing this blog!!!

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