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Z is for ... Design Terms Glossary

Non-designers Essential Glossary of Design Terms

Every industry, business and profession has its own language and that language can leave you feeling confused and result in lots of misunderstandings.  We thought you might find our Design Terms Glossary useful whether you are using the training in our Members’ section or dealing with a graphic designer directly.

Zip File

Zip File



Zip FileA zip file is a way of compressing files into a smaller format for sending over the internet.

It stands for Zone Information Protocol and is really easy to save images, send them and re-open at the other end!







Vector vs BitmapZoom is a computer term for enlarging a graphic while it is on the screen to enable you to see a specific area in more detail.

Of course, it is also just as easy to zoom out!

The diagram on the right demonstrates the difference between smooth vector graphics and ragged bitmap graphics.






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