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X is for ... Design Terms Glossary

Non-designers Essential Glossary of Design Terms

Every industry, business and profession has its own language and that language can leave you feeling confused and result in lots of misunderstandings.  We thought you might find our Design Terms Glossary useful whether you are using the training in our Members’ section or dealing with a graphic designer directly.





Midline / X-HeightTypography has a language all of its own which can easily confuse the non-designer.

The X-HEIGHT is measured from the BASELINE to the top of the flat topped lowercase letters – with the ‘x’ being an obvious example.

Letters with rounded tops at the X-HEIGHT extend a little above the MIDLINE which is more pleasing to the eye and appear in line when read.

Related Terms: Baseline, Midline, Cap Height, Ascender, Descender, Kerning, Leading, Sans Serif, Serif, Script, Decorative, Weight

Typography lines diagram

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