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U is for ... Design Terms Glossary

Non-designers Essential Glossary of Design Terms

Every industry, business and profession has its own language and that language can leave you feeling confused and result in lots of misunderstandings.  We thought you might find our Design Terms Glossary useful whether you are using the training in our Members’ section or dealing with a graphic designer directly.

Uncoated Paper

Uncoated Paper



Uncoated Paper is paper that has no coating applied to it.

Standard A4 printer paper is an example of an uncoated paper.

Examples of coating could be glossy, matt, smooth, or velvet.

However, there are some really lovely uncoated papers available with some beautiful textures so don’t just go for coated paper if you want to make something look really special, such as invitations or cards.

Upper Case

Upper Case



Upper case lettering, also called capital lettering, is the opposite to lower case lettering.

Upper Case

A type font in a caseThe term refers to the way that type was stored in the early days of printing when each font (style of letter) was stored in wooden cases.

The capital letters of each font were stored in the upper part of the case (hence upper case) and the non-capital letters stored in the lower part.

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