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O is for ... Design Terms Glossary

Non-designers Essential Glossary of Design Terms

Every industry, business and profession has its own language and that language can leave you feeling confused and result in lots of misunderstandings.  We thought you might find our Design Terms Glossary useful whether you are using the training in our Members’ section or dealing with a graphic designer directly.





Colour Value diagramOpacity refers to how opaque (non-see-through) or transparent (see-through) a colour, photo or image is.

Using modern graphics programs it is easy to adjust the opacity of an image to achieve a variety of really interesting effects and layers.

It is also useful for ‘knocking back’ photographs to make them really pale and usable as a background for putting text on top of.






Opacity vs Transparency






An outline is simply a graphic, illustration or typeface which has an outline around its edge.

Outlines do not have to be plain – you can vary the colours, widths, gradients & fills.

Outlines graphic


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