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A-Z of Design Terms for Non-Graphic Designers

Do you ever feel a little confused and out of your depth when talking to Graphic Designers and Printers about your small business’s design requirements – the design terms they use?

Every industry has its own language – the jargon that lets insiders understand what they are talking about but often leaves the rest of us out in the cold.

 Well, here is a little present from us to you to guide you through the jargon.A-Z of Design Terms for the Non-Graphic Designer


From Alignment to Zoom you will be armed with the words you need.


Complete with full colour illustrations, the A-Z of Design Terms for the NON-Graphic Designer will help you understand those technical terms so you can be confident that you are getting the most from your designer.


So now when you’re stuck and not sure what someone is talking about, you’ll have somewhere to go to look up the information.


We will be adding to the Design Terms A-Z online all the time so do pop back and take a look. Also, if you have a design term you don’t understand and it’s not yet in the Glossary, just get in touch and we’ll answer your question and add it as soon as possible!


You can always post the question on our Be Your Own Graphic Designer Facebook Page if that’s easier.

Sammy & Kim


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